TVF Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 12 Review: Drive

So kids, and what did we learn from this gruesome story?

Here's a hint: don't trust ride-sharing programs. And if you ignore that advice and use it anyway, try not to lose your head.

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alycakes1126d ago

What can I say...still my favorite team on tv for fighting crime out there.

Sahil1117d ago

what is the white sports car on 1/20/16 episode?

Sahil1117d ago

Did the victim die at the end, or not? The guillotine looked bloody ... was hard to tell :-/ and I didn't see him walk out.

neoragex1117d ago

Sad to see a once great show has turned into this. Horrible episode and why do we need Tara Lewis? Morgan, JJ, Rossi, Hotchner and Reid have much less screentime than her and she isn't even a part of the team full time.