TVF Supernatural Season 11 Episode 10 Review: The Devil in the Details

Looks like Dean’s nightmare of the devil and the Darkness on Earth has become a reality.

While it appeared as if Supernatural Season 11 Episode 10 simply concluded the cage match between Lucifer and Sam, quickly wrapping up that story as a side stop with a dead end, a shocking twist and a major death in the last moments of the hour revealed that Lucifer’s part to play has only just begun.

And Sam and Dean don’t have a clue that their friend has become the enemy.

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alycakes1126d ago

This is another one I need to see so I can find out how they get out of the cage that they got caught in with the devil.

Sahil1117d ago

Loved the episode.Absolutely amazing.And that Cass is Now Lucifer twist was a stroke of genius.Also Misha Collins finally gets a good storyline.Can't wait to see where the story goes .Just hope Cass does not end up dead after all the mess is cleaned up.