TVF Code Black Season 1 Episode 13 Review: First Date

Heavens to Betsy! What a shift!

In addition to a good old-fashioned case of religious objections to medical care, Code Black Season 1 Episode 13 featured some great medicine and some serious upheavals in the doctors' personal lives. A lot went down tonight, so let's dive on in!

Another new character arrived on the scene – but how long will he be sticking around? His character won't leave immediately, but we all saw how long the last family member brought into Angels lasted.

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alycakes1128d ago

This show is about so exciting. OMG! It doesn't stop for a minute....I just love it and all it's conflicts and all it's wonderful characters.

Sahil1119d ago

"Check yourself before you wreck yourself"? Really? They letting interns from the Ricki Lake generation write scripts?

neoragex1119d ago

In the pilot episode a young boy had a collapsed lounge. He was supposed to be from Norway and the doctor said that people from Norway have a tendency to get a collapesed lounge because of the genes. Ehhh, I'm norwegian, A total surprise to me. I kinda like this show but the writers need to get a doctor to look over the scripts!