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It sounds like an incredibly creepy concept. An American nanny (Lauren Cohan, of The Walking Dead fame), moves to rural England to look after the boy of two aging parents (Jim Norton and Diana Hardcastle). The Heelshires were devastated by a tragedy that took their young son away from them, so our heroine, Greta, discovers that her charge is actually a life size porcelain doll made to look like the kid. Naturally, not all is what it seems and soon, things that go bump in the night are doing just that as our lead looks to uncover the truth, though she probably won’t like what she finds.

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WizzroSupreme1124d ago

Funny, many of the reviews I've seen for The Boy have been surprisingly positive. Wonder who's right. Think I'll wait 'til it hits blu-ray to find out: I've been wrong about many a creepy doll film.

Soldierone1123d ago

I'm seeing mixed reviews for it. The film looks cool and I like the actress, but not sure if it's worth the 20 dollars to see it in theaters.