IGN | 'Dirty Grandpa' Review


Dirty Grandpa is a mean-spirited comedy almost completely devoid of laughs. There is little to no logic applied to the situations in which the characters find themselves, and after the first five minutes no reason to care about any of it. The entire affair is little more than a couple of easy, unfunny jokes repeated for the length of the run time. Dirty Grandpa even sticks to the same handful of curses throughout rather than spreading the wealth to the plethora of bad words available.

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Soldierone1122d ago

The reviewer is mad that they used the F word throughout the film. Yet I bet the reviewer has praised some movies that used it obnoxiously.... it's a college style film, what do you expect? Proper english?

"Hey there young lad, that girl is mighty pretty. Perhaps you should head on over, get her number, and work your way into a sexual relationship."

Sahil1113d ago

PC alert. i would probably see if i didnt have to catch up on The Revenant, Spotlight and The Hateful Eight

neoragex1113d ago

When did De Niro morph into Cage? He is starring in one stinker after another these days.