Joblo | 'Dirty Grandpa' Review1


Dirty Grandpa is certainly dirty. It’s crude and rude, and that would’ve been great if it had offered a few laughs. It doesn’t. At all. Efron and De Niro aren’t bad necessarily, but they have nothing to work with. The very charming Plaza plays the one-note slut for old people character but it’s a complete waste of her talents. And then there is Hough, who portrays a sour and annoying woman. When she was on-screen I was just counting how many times her hair was in her face. Look, if you want to offend audiences and make sick jokes - the thing with the child was definitely in bad taste - at least have a few laughs with it. Is there anything to recommend about Dirty Grandpa? Well, there are a few… nope, never mind, there is not a damn thing that I can recommend from this atrocity of a movie.

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