Has Avatar 2 Missed Its Chance For Major Success?


Back in 2009, the James Cameron directed sci-fi epic Avatar was released to widespread critical acclaim. Despite being the type of genre picture the Academy typically strays away from, the film was a major player at that year’s Oscars, scoring nominations in prestigious categories like Best Picture and Best Director. Avatar was also a tremendous box office success, bringing in a then-record $749.7 million during its initial domestic run (the figure went up to $760.5 million after a re-release), and a whopping $2.7 billion worldwide – a figure that not even the ballyhooed return of Star Wars could top.

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Soldierone1122d ago

The 3D fad is dying again, hardly anyone cares about it. That is what made the first film so much money.

If they find a way to push the fad back up, or push more IMAX sales, then it will do fine. However nobody cared about Avatar beyond 3D effects and the fact it was popular.