We Got This Covered | 'Dirty Grandpa' Review

We Got This Covered

What’s old is new again – so it goes in Hollywood, with its seemingly infinite assembly line of remakes and reboots, and so it goes in Dirty Grandpa, the latest in a strange string of comedies all revolving around older men who leer after much younger women as part of one last, inherently sexual blaze of glory before succumbing to senility (the term Viagra cinema has been bandied around over the years, mostly to describe Sylvester Stallone’s continued residence in action schlock territory, but it certainly fits here).

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WizzroSupreme1125d ago

Wow. Goodfellas to Dirty Grandpa? DeNiro's been on a downhill slide all right.

Soldierone1124d ago

yeah, but remember Neighbors was getting poor reviews too until it became a hit. Then suddenly reviews changed.