TVF The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 11 Review: Mr. Gregory Devry

Can you imagine if The Blacklist Season 3 Episode 11 actually pulled the ultimate twist and revealed that the Raymond Reddington we’ve been watching aid the FBI this whole time actually was an imposter?

On some level, that could have been pretty cool, especially if it revealed the bigger plan of his, why he pretended to be Red in the first place and the real truth behind the connection between him and Liz.

As long as it was the plan from the beginning of the series and not just dropped in for twists sake, it would have been a pretty mind-blowing long con.

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alycakes1120d ago

From the time the other Reddington showed up I should have known there was a hidden agenda going on by the real Red going on but I still didn't get the real reason til the end when he told Liz....I usually do better than that.

Sahil1110d ago

It really annoyed me when that Fbi agent ran away from the agents come to save her. Like why would you do that? Moron. Otherwise great episode.

neoragex1110d ago

Well, she wasn't a field agent...just a paper pusher--executive--who had clearance to know about the task force. I wonder if she was one of the 46 people who knew?

neoragex1110d ago

She was getting her son out of the line of fire