James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 2’ Won’t Be Ready for Christmas 2017

From The Wrap:

“Avatar 2,” the first of three sequels to director James Cameron‘s 2009 3D sci-fi blockbuster, will not be ready in time for its planned Christmas 2017 release via Twentieth Century Fox.

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darklordzor1125d ago

No surprise AT ALL. Considering the amount of VFX work that has to go into it, and the length of the shoot there's no way. They haven't started filming yet, and they'd pretty much have to in order to make that date happen now.

-Foxtrot1125d ago

It doesn't need a sequel and if it did it should have came out years ago

People went to see it because of the brand new special 3D effects (a gimmick basically) not because the film was good.

darklordzor1125d ago

I don't know. I actually enjoyed the film and still watch it on occasion, but you're right about the timing. The opportunity for a relevant sequel has passed and it seems so far out of pop-culture now.

Kakashi Hatake1124d ago

Speak for yourself. The movie was amazing to me. It had incredible action, drama, and love. Don't get why people want to knock the movie these days.

-Foxtrot1124d ago

Because it was an overhyped and overrated piece of crap. You want that stuff watch the original Dancing with Wolves or bloody Pocahontas

Bobafret1124d ago

No matter the subject, it seems you never have anything positive to add.

-Foxtrot1124d ago

Doesn't mean I'm wrong does it. I do but people ignore those posts. Least whatever my comment it's directed at the article unlike yours

annoyedgamer1124d ago

Delay it indefinately...pleeaasee

RufustheKing1124d ago

I wounder if this has anything to do with star war ep 8 new release date?

Soldierone1124d ago

It totally does. They probably would have tried hard to meet this date if Star Wars didn't move. The move was more or less the nail in the coffin.

ThatIrishGamer1124d ago

The longer the better.

The first was an abomination. Without the gimmick of 3D it would have flopped... What's the sequels unique selling point, cus it's certainly not a gripping story.

Kakashi Hatake1124d ago

Let me guess, you're a Star Wars fanboy right? Seems they love ripping on Avatar because of originality. The Irony considering TFA was basically ANH. Nothing is completely original at this point. Avatar had an awesome story, and the way it was executed was great. Love how everyone suddenly becomes a movie critic when it comes to this.

Soldierone1124d ago

Star Wars had to basically reboot and keep old fans enticed with new fans excited.

ThatIrishGamer1123d ago

Star Wars has nothing to do with it. I didn't say anything about originality. I just say that the film was an abomination. It sold based on 3D - that was it. No one looks back to Avatar with any positives on story. A majority of people will ALWAYS remember it for 'that 3D film with blue people'.