We Got This Covered | 'The 5th Wave' Review

We Got This Covered

Audiences will be able to pinpoint the exact moment at which The 5th Wave starts to buckle under its franchise obligations, as well as the debts it owes to recent entries in this genre, from Kevin MacDonald’s more nightmarish How I Live Now to Gavin Hood’s Ender’s Game adaptation. But thoroughly worked-out as its parts may be, the film is lean and effectively crafted. Add in some surprising grit, political commentary and a female protagonist who strikes the perfect balance between tough and tender, and The 5th Wave has much more going for it than its crap-FX advertising campaign has suggested. With Dirty Grandpa looming over it at the box office, there’s no telling whether the film will make enough to warrant its sequel – but creatively, it’s already earned it.

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