Stan Lee Says Deadpool Movie Was His Favorite Cameo

CB: At bi-coastal surprise fan screenings of Deadpool, the cast and crew came out to celebrate. Thanks to his 900th (exaggerated number) Marvel movie cameo, that included Stan Lee at the West Coast presentation. A fan Q&A followed the screening.

Lee's cameo is hilarious, and as revealed at Comic-Con, takes place in an... unexpected venue (won't spoil it here). When he was asked which cameo, out of all his movies, has been his favorite, Lee answered quickly, and in signature Stan The Man fashion.

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dota2champion1119d ago

I'm betting Deadpool accidentally kills stan lee and then walks off like nothing happens

Sahil1110d ago

Cool for Stan, love you man!

Cant wait to see him in it and my fav Stan Cameo was in Fantastic Four as Willy the postman, he owned that.

neoragex1110d ago

Awesome. Can't wait to see not just the film, but also Stan's cameo.