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All of a Sudden, I'm Way More Excited For DC's Upcoming Movies Than Marvel's


Something strange has happened in the endless war for domination of superhero movies. After years of Marvel ceaselessly kicking DC’s ass, I feel as though DC has suddenly taken the lead, thanks to the fantastic new Suicide Squad trailer and the Wonder Woman movie footage. What is even happening?

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WizzroSupreme1908d ago

I sure am excited for DC's Cinematic Universe if it means another kick-butt Joker.

Soldierone1906d ago

The only real reason Marvel has been winning is because WB held back DC forever. Yet every time a Batman or Superman released, it did better.

I'm personally a DC fan so I'm super excited for this. WB also has an edge since they kept rights to everything.

Kojjikaneshiro1905d ago (Edited 1905d ago )

WB has owned the rights to DC comic characters way longer than Disney has owned Marvel.Disney was smart and unafraid to utilize its properties,WB on the other hand has been scared to invest specially after movies like The Green Lantern and Jonah Hex.It wasn't until Marvel made the Avengers that DC realized the fans would support a live action film of that magnitude.I blame WB for not having a Justice League movie sooner.Marvel and Disney are doing fantastic,now it's time for WB/DC to get their game together.

Soldierone1905d ago

That's what I was saying, WB was holding back. They had a Batman vs Superman film in the works for maybe 10 years now, they just kept cutting it. Then Avengers hit it big and WB finally decided to just dive fully into the basket.

masterfox1906d ago

I'm definitely not, in Suicide squad Will smith easily overshadows every other actor, that Joker in Jared Letto looks so forced it lacks originality heavily, Harley Quinn looks like your spoiled teenager girl average as hell, and the other actors I don't know who they are lol.

The new footage of Wonder Women is so damn meh, uninspiring nothing to be excited about.

Superman vs Batman, the trailers messed up for good this movie by showing ridiculous amount of spoilers.

Porcelain_Chicken1905d ago

Kinda weird how you'd deduct points from a movie because YOU yourself have no idea who actors are. A lot of people judge stuff like that now, based on perception. It's weird.

As for Joker how in the world does he lack originality?!? This Joker has already proven to be his own take on the character. Nicholson's Joker was insane but a very Nicholson-y/Buton-y type of deranged. While Ledger's Joker came accross as a very tormented psychopath. This Joker seems so incredibly gleeful. As someone who really revels in their own madness and chaos. Adding Harley Quinn to the mix only adds more layers to his Joker than we've never been able to see before. Not sure how you got spoiled from Harley but ok.

Wonder Woman was a first look not a trailer. Or even a teaser. It was literally a sneak peak. So yeeeeeah....

Doomsday wasn't a spoiler. Bats and Supes eventually teaming up wasn't a secret. Next!

masterfox1905d ago

not going for details on why my opinion is that way, have lots of arguments why my opinion is like that for those incoming movies, the thing will say about it is in what is my comments are base in general, is that instead of going for a strong story telling in todays movies and great performances, todays directors going for the cute faces and aiming for the average teenagers attention hence killing what a good story and acting could be, and this is not only for those movies, this crappy trend for action movies is happening everywhere sadly.

another example of bad selection in the casting department just go and look Lex Luthor!! da hell ??

Wouldn't be surprised if Kristen Stuart was put in Catwomen cause this trend lol.

acemonkey1905d ago

everybody is judging so far what you saw from DC has been great? thats good for you.

Yes we all knew Batman and Superman was going to team up but did we have to see that in the trailer? not really, WB was like the comic con trailer was decent we need action action and jokes more action and more batman. They could have kept the vibe from the comic con trailer without Doomsday showing

rdgneoz31905d ago

"Adding Harley Quinn to the mix only adds more layers to his Joker than we've never been able to see before"

Except from what they've shown, they're going with the New 52 Harley instead of the original, which was insanely better than the new version (which is basically a female Joker clone - hell, her only becomes that way after this throws her in the vat now, where as she had the choice before).

"Doomsday wasn't a spoiler. Bats and Supes eventually teaming up wasn't a secret. Next!"

Batman and Superman teaming up was obvious, but from what they've shown so far it seems like only the last 1/4 of the movie isn't spoiled. Also, creating Doomsday from Zod is complete crap (it ruined a good backstory).

scark921905d ago

I agree, I don't like the direction of Suicide Squad, it seems like it is lacks passion to me personally, the Joker looks dumb in this imo,

and was terribly excited for BVS til the last trailer when it seems like they showed every seen the movie has to offer,

Despite all this, the only Marvel movies I am excited for is Deadpool and Civil War, and probably looking forward to DC's movies at this point.

Bobafret1905d ago

DC fans are the Sony fanboys of comic books.

Silly gameAr1905d ago

Yeah, keep that garbage in the video game threads bud.

Bobafret1905d ago

My point is valid, DC fans are usually the loudest about what they don't like, which most of the time is Marvel.

acemonkey1905d ago

i get it but i dont get it. Im guessing your getting tired of hearing were number 1? but DC fans,die hard fans, and Fanboys really annoying AF. They see a picture and 30+ years of build of nerd comes out they dont stop and think.

FlameBaitGod1905d ago

Your comment is an oxymoron btw.

ajax171905d ago

Because that makes sense...

scark921905d ago


"DC fans are the Microsoft fanboys of comic books."
"DC fans are the Nintendo fanboys of comic books."
"DC fans are the Steam fanboys of comic books."

Pick one.

Just because you despise Sony does not mean they have a 'terrible reputation' of fanboys, every platform are equally as bad as each other, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and Steam fanboys are as bad as each other....

People could say the same about Marvel fanboys, you are just showing bias.

Bobafret1905d ago

Nope, in my experience DC fans are total snobs that think they are reading "literature".

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dota2champion1905d ago

I am more excited for DC universe because of the dark atmosphere they're going for it

acemonkey1905d ago

their not going to be dark brah

acemonkey1905d ago

Two dislikes are from butthurt DC fans that see jokes though each trailer and clips and they still think its going to be gritty and horrify and real lol

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