13 Times Harley Quinn Was The Best Damn Part Of The ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer


There are few things that we know to be unequivocally true in life: one plus one equals two, Earth orbits around the sun, and Harley Quinn is the best damn member of the Suicide Squad.

DC’s favorite mentally-deranged troublemaker stole the show in the newly released trailer for “Suicide Squad,” proving that Margot Robbie not only has the chops to play the wacky villainess, but she’s pretty spectacular at it. While we’ll miss her iconic giant hammer, that baseball bat and studded gun are doing work.

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-Foxtrot1369d ago

She was cringe worthy and was trying too hard.

Soldierone1368d ago

I thought she was the worst part of it. Totally tell she was fake and it took you out of it. Plus they over sexualized her for some reason instead of making her look like a loopy crazy girl.

-Foxtrot1368d ago

Yeah I mean the only thing I've heard from people about her is how hot she looks...that's it.


Not because of anything which makes Harley the character most people fell in love with when they saw the Batman Animated Series.

Nothing about her relates to the comics. It's not just the voice aswell it's pretty much everything.

Soldierone1368d ago

I agree. I don't mind if they made her "hot" that is whatever. It's the fact she isn't a creepy insane person. The trailer tried to hint at it at one point, but I wasn't feeling it.

It is just a trailer, but I for sure don't think she was the strongest part of the trailer at all.

vanethe1368d ago

Yeah she is pretty , but she didnt look as insane as the character is. Let's hope she will be .

dota2champion1368d ago

I saw nothing special about her in the trailer. I'm only going to see this film because of the joker.

SarcasticDuck1368d ago

Best part? I hate this Harley! When i started accepting this new look, they release this trailer. Margot Robbie doesn't sound a bit crazier and here's my opinion to this 13 moments:
1- okay, but that's basic for who reads DC comics
2- pushing too hard. Resembles a mix between of "I want you D!" and "Deep down I hate you and you know that!"
3- Lisa Ann just arrived the scene. I repeat, Lisa Ann just arrived the scene!
4- my reaction after someone read 3
5- the character doesn't go public with the voices. In fact, she recently seems to have issues with that.
6 and 7- from 3 to 7 is the same moment. stupid MTV
8- it could be a hammer though...
9- too much facial expression
10 and ahead- 100% Harley Quinn
I think Margot didn't know anything about the character and maybe she would s*ck. But extra points for the 12th gif!

WizzroSupreme1368d ago

Like it or not, Harley's gonna be the reason people see this movie – maybe even more than Leto's Joker.

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