Suicide Squad Official Trailer Reaction - Deliciously Off the Wall and Bat-Crap Crazy

COG writes - The new Suicide Squad trailer has dropped and it's an over-the-top, bombastic action-fest. We get some better character shots, some comedic relief and a whole lotta Queen.

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Digital_Anomaly1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I liked being able to get a bit more dialogue and such out of some of the characters in comparison to the first trailer but the whole 'crazy and campy' theme just didn't do it for me.

Still, I'm crazy hyped for the movie, I just think it's going to be a lot darker than this trailer really portrays it.

RetrospectRealm1125d ago

Yeah, I feel like this was really trying too hard to be Marvel. Bohemian Rhapsody and all that seemed awfully different from the serious tone the SDCC trailer and Man of Steel had. I actually liked how Marvel was more light hearted and then DC was real dark and serious.

MercilessDMercer1125d ago

This one has certainly won me over in the past little while. This trailer was a solid selling point for the movie!

Paulhammer1125d ago

I can't shake the feeling that this is a shameless ripoff of the formula that worked so brilliantly in Guardians of the Galaxy... Maybe it's just me

MRBIGCAT1125d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.