Sony Moves Around Dates For Spider-Man And Jumanji

From Cinelinx:

Possibly due to the delay in Star Wars we are seeing Sony shift around a few movies, including the new reboot of Spider-Man.

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darklordzor1532d ago

Not really surprised to see studios making a big shuffle after Star Wars does.

Soldierone1532d ago

It seems Disney is giving Marvel movies the early end of the year into summer, and keeping Star Wars to December. Spread their revenue out over the whole year.

Jumanji delay isn't surprising since it's not even being made yet.

darklordzor1532d ago

Yeah I was honestly surprised it was STILL on the calendar for this year for so long. It just now found a director!

Aldous_Snow1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I haven't been keepin up due to family issues but is Tom Holland in the MCU going to continue in the Sony solo movies? And will the solo Sony movies be part of the MCU?

Didn't know they were doing Jumanji again. Would be nice if theres a Robin Williams tribute in there somewhere.

Soldierone1530d ago

Yes, he will be doing the MCU movies and the Spider-Man solo movies. They solo movies will be like regular MCU movies where there are hints of the universe, but probably not full tie ins.

It'll most likely just acknowledge there is a universe.