Star Wars: Episode VIII Delayed to December 2017, Pirates 5 Moved Forward

From Cinelinx:

While fans were looking forward to seeing Star Wars return to the Summer season with Episode VIII, Disney/LFL have just announced that Rian Johnson's sequel has been pushed back to a new December date, and are moving Pirates 5 forward to replace it.

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darklordzor1122d ago

Well shit. I guess it's hard to complain too much since we're still getting a new Star Wars film every year. But DAMN...I was really looking forward to seeing this six months after Rogue One.

Digital_Anomaly1121d ago

How in the blue hell did Pirates get priority over SW? Haha

Ok, I know that it has nothing to do with that but still... my body is ready for more SW right meow....

gunnerforlife1121d ago

That's not it, I read another article it has to do with the script making changes or something to it

Digital_Anomaly1121d ago

Oh I know that... just cracking wise is all.

Nodoze1121d ago

The only thing this has to do with is MERCHANDISING. So close to Christmas. I don't know if my wallet can repel firepower of this magnitude.....