Meet the Worst Heroes Ever in New Suicide Squad Trailer

From Cinelinx:

As promised a little while back, tonight brings us a brand new Suicide Squad trailer during the Dawn of the Justice League special on CW. Check out the action-packed trailer for this unlikely group of 'heroes'.

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-Foxtrot1130d ago

Looks like it will be a fun ride but sorry to say the designs are still not doing it for me. I think Harley, Joker, Killcroc and Deadshot have it the worst. If someone showed me a picture of them all together years ago and said "look at this", the SS wouldn't have even popped into my head.

Margot Robbie is hot but I don't see her as Harley, even acting wise. Maybe I'm just used to the high pitch , whiny voice.

It's like it's trying (for the cinematic universe sake) to be gritty and dark but at the same time humour to try and be a little like the Guardians film.

I don't understand how a video game like Arkham can do their own versions of the characters, changing things but keeping the core stuff in tact but the film can't do it.

Well I've had my opinion...bring on those lovely comments

Porcelain_Chicken1130d ago

"...bring on those lovely comments"

Ask and you shall receive lol. Jk. Yeah you're entitled to your opinion bud! But saying you don't recognise the characters based in design isn't the movies fault! Besides Deadshot (mask-less mostly) and Enchantress they all look more than enough like their respective character to the point where any comic geek should know em! Hell Harley Quinn is wearing the exact outfit here that she wears in Harley Quinn #26. I'm utter rubbish when it comes to links so bear with me...

As for her mannerisms you're right to say you're only thinking of animated Harley. Which is far from a bad thing since for years that's all we've known and she's fantastic but we can't expect a cheap imitation. Just like we can't expect Affleck to imitate Kevin Conroy or Adam West. So long as the character's "soul" is captured and respected. Take Nicholson or Ledger for instance. Both very different takes from any other live-action or animated or even comic book Jokers that have come before. But despite the huge differences and in both looks and mannerisms the character itself was captured perfectly and was instantly recognizable by fans!

Also it's trying to be cinematic because it's a movie man!! I don't get what you mean there. Suicide Squad has always been dark and violent with moments of levity. Has nothing to do with Guardians of the Galaxy lol.

Arkham games changed nothing though. It was a continued animated Batman mythology with 3D graphics!

Personally I'm psyched! I never thought I'd see characters like Enchantress, Harley or Katanna on screen. And her sword man it can capture people's souls, it's in the FILM I SAW IT!!!!!!! XD I figured they'd think that was too goofy or "out there" to put on film but there it is and she's gonna use it! If stuff like that or Enchantress being possessed can translate to screen I can easily forgive the darker color pallette.

-Foxtrot1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

Well that's lovely ;)

" But saying you don't recognise the characters based in design isn't the movies fault! "

Course it is, you have the designs in the comic and they try to change things for the sake of change. Hell look at Will Smiths casting, my point in a nutshell. You have Bronze Tiger but no, no lets give him Deadshot a guy who is behind a mask all the time. Because of this he will hardly wear the mask since there is no way they are going to put Will Smith behind a mask for most of the film hiding their star power of the film. A lesser known actor should have played him.

I know the comic you are on about (despite the link mostly bringing up the Jester costume which despite being silly on screen I would prefered) but if even still it doesn't look the same and it's only been used a few times in the comics before going back to a re-designed Jester outfit which is more revealing. Like her roller derby one. New 52 Issue 1. It's a roller derby costume used for the issue but it's basically a redesigned jester one.

Least Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton and Christian Bale came off as their characters despite the altered interpretation. Harley doesn't sound like her, has the accent, is trying to hard to be funny/crazy and comes off as a dipsy blonde they've found off the street corners.

"Also it's trying to be cinematic because it's a movie man!! I don't get what you mean there"

I meant it as in they are trying to hold onto the dark, gritty vibe for THEIR cinematic universe sake as the DC universe is based around the dark, gritty, serious Nolan vibe we had. It's like they don't want to do the actual SS tones because they know it wouldn't fit well with what they are trying to do. I mean the song in the trailer seemed like they were trying to make it come off light hearted and fun but what we see might be completely different. Which is why I mentioned Guardians they had their fun trailer with an upbeat song like Spirit in the Sky. However Guardians was also light hearted and fun and Marvel captured that pretty well in the film...if it was DC they would have tried to make it dark, gritty and serious.

Arkham games did change things, they altered the designs a little but they still had the core things in place. Hell they even went their own way in the story.

I just don't get when you have a series with a light colour palette they feel the need to make it dark. At least with Marvel they didn't try and change people like Daredevil and Jessica Jones into things they aren't by dumbing them down for the silver screen. First time SS have been on it right.

uncharted561130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

There is a huge difference between comics and video games though compared to movies. They have to make these characters mainstream if you will and take a different approach from Marvel otherwise they will always be taunted with that they copied Marvel. Also if they ripped everything off the comics it would not be fun and at least imo it would not work on the big screen. I don't mind her voice I can adjust to it considering many different voiced characters have voiced her in different cartoons and animated movies. Now Jesse Eisenberg's Lex is what I'm not sold on including those stupid tattoos on the Joker I hate those things besides that I think I like the humor in this it seems like it fits considering all the crazy psycho villains. Reminds me of GOG in a good way.

masso91121130d ago

I also don't like Harley here, she tries too hard and becomes annoying.... But man, Killercroc looks amazing, one of the best makeup works I've ever seen

-Foxtrot1130d ago

Yeah Harley sounds like she's trying too hard

The design, the accent, the voice, the way she's just not Harley.

I'm more saddened people just go by her looks and go "She's going to be amazing she's so hot"...really that's what makes Harley, Harley.

Killcroc could have been better, he's supposed to be a tank and much taller.

Porcelain_Chicken1129d ago

I agreed with Will Smith! Lol. Lawton really only used a mask when on missions though. So long as Will has a mask through most of the action or when appropriate I can forgive the star power bit.

And yes I love the Jester outfit aswell and would love to see it BUT... you forget that Margot is signed in to play Harley in six movies! We gotta give her character room to grow. Not blow their entire wad in the first movie. But that's besides the point. You said she wasn't recognizable, I showed you that if you've even simply seen any of her own comics, she should be. If this wasn't a SS movie, and I was watching Margot Robbie walk around like that, stealing a purse in that moment and acting all silly I would have instantly thought of Harley!

As for Harley's personality, you're still too caught up on the voice. Stop thinking about other people's takes on Harley, and start thinking about comic book Harley. And yes she's basically a crazy ditsy blonde. I can't remember a time where she wasn't.

And I see what you mean with your GOTG bit. I don't really think it seems all that dark to be honest. Especially when compared to a SS comic. The tone definitely seems more serious than Marvel's take but I definitely wouldn't classify it as dark or gritty. I'd leave that to Watchmen or Sin city or V for Vendetta.

"First time SS have been on it right."


-Foxtrot1129d ago

Why would you do the Jesters outfit later on, this is a Harley we are seeing for the first time and is already in jail. It would make more sense for the first film to have the original costumes and THEN let the designs evolve. Like I have said the Arkham games did it better and it was a game...look at her designs they used. Some old, some new.

If I was shown the clip years a go I might of thought of Harley but I wouldn't think it was actually her or a SS film. Maybe a character inspired by her...either that or I'd just see Will Smith and go "WILL SMITH...what's he in now".

It's not just the voice though, she's trying to hard to be funny. That "voices in my head" bit was a little cringe worthy. She is smart, she's not just dipsy and a blonde broad she used to be a Doctor.

See you mention Watchmen and for being a comic book adaptation it was the best. Few changes here and there but nothing serious except the ending which was the one thing they had to change since it was ridiculous in the book. Even Sin City had scenes/shots in the film took right out of the comic so why can't they do the same here.

Look at the avengers, people said Cap would look stupid in his costume during the present day...then we got this bit in the first trailer.

Does he look a little silly...yes. Do all of them look a little silly especially black widow with her tiny gun...yes BUT as a comic book film come to life does it work...yes. So even if the Jester outfit was added I wouldn't have minded, it's different if you had something like Jessica Jones, where they are embracing the dark side of the comic and try to force in her silly Jewel was in their but as a reference.

I just don't see why changes are needed, especially on DC's part where unlike Marvel they don't have to change since they own everything.

uncharted561129d ago

I think you analyze stuff too much, I found her voices part funny and I am not a casual fan. You gotta realize this dude there is no point in doing a complete copy paste from comics or the TV show, its a good thing that they are doing their own version as long as it doesn't suck. I really don't know what ccent you are talking about. Beside the whiny voice she has in cartoons I like this version in fact it seems this version is as clueless and manipulative and crazy as Harleen should be minus the annoying voice. You have seen maybe a minute of her and thats what your judging her from dude.I honestly think u have some legit criticism and then ur also nitpicking.

Porcelain_Chicken1129d ago

"Why would you do the Jesters outfit later on"

That is actually a good question. I don't know. Can't exactly answer that without seeing the movie but don't feel the Jester outfit is completely necessary in order to enjoy it. It's just me. Superman didn't have the undie outside his suit and the costume's colors were incredibly muted but I still enjoyed Man of Steel. And Cavill's take on Superman. And now his BvS suit looks a lot better. I would rather they save the Jester costume for a Batman solo flick if I'm being honest. And not waste it on a Harley "solo" outing. Same with Joker's purple suit.

As for Harley, she WAS a doctor but that was waaaay too long ago. Now that her mind is corrupted she's not who she used to be and hasn't showed signs of it ever! It's kinda weird that I'm arguing Harley's silly insane behavio right now lol. I thought that was always a given.

Not my point but Watchmen and Sin city were obviously made to be copy and paste jobs though. These movies are obviously not. Like Frank Miller's Batman is different from Jim Lee's Batman. And Bob Kane's Batman is different from Tim Burton's Batman. Zack Snyder's Batman is also it's own thing. <----- That's the part where you are getting stumped.

I actually thought only Cap looked silly but didn't mind too much. His recent costumes have fixed that. I see what you mean but again, you're comparing to apples and oranges. My point up there! ^^^

And Marvel didn't even keep the things they own the same though. Comic book Tony Stark and movie Tony Stark are worlds apart! Where's Donald Blake in the Thor series?!? Why is Peter suddenly a child again!? He hasn't been since the 60's! Why are Baaron Mordo and Heimdal suddenly black!? Why is Mandarin a middle eastern actor now!?! Why did Tony have to create Ultron? Why is Hank Pym so old!!? You can't possibly tell me those were forced changes because they don't own the rights to Dr. Doom or something lol. Personally I don't mind most of those. I was just elaborating my point that with new enterpretations come change.

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StarWarsFan1130d ago

Awesome trailer. Definitely better than the first footage we saw last year.

Blasphemy1129d ago

i liked the first trailer better.

MilkMan1130d ago

Banging trailer. That's how you do it!
This movie is gonna be a monster.

darklordzor1130d ago

What I like most about the trailer, is the fact that they're really going all out with it. This isn't a movie that looks to be playing it safe. They're trying something different, knowing that it's a risk, and throwing everything at it. It's kind of refreshing, much like how different Guardians of the Galaxy felt from all the other Marvel movies.

dota2champion1129d ago

This trailer is definitely better than the first trailer, makes me more hype for this film than ever before. Joker definitely looks great.