We Got This Covered | 'Mad Dogs Season 1' Review

We Got This Covered

Premiering this Friday, Amazon’s sunny, sinister and often outrageously funny new crime comedy Mad Dogs drops you in the middle of a never-ending “Choose Your Own Misadventure” story. By page 30, you’re lost in a foreign city, desperately looking for somewhere to stash your rental car. You can’t use your phone to help you because your idiot friend threw it away – he thought it was being tracked (it wasn’t…right?). If the car’s not safely hidden, someone might notice that it contains $5 million in stolen drug money, which you’re trying to return to a notorious crime lord before he kills you. Of course, he might just kill you anyway, because your other idiot friend (he’s dead now) left the gangster’s yacht somewhere in the Caribbean. It’s a long story.

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