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Are Star Wars Movies Great or Just Great Entertainment?


One of the most beloved film franchises in world history, Star Wars has returned to record-setting critical and commercial success with The Force Awakens. When it was first announced that Disney was set to purchase Lucasfilm, and revive the series for a new trilogy (as well as spinoffs), fans were eager to see exactly what the Mouse House was going to deliver. The production company had enjoyed unprecedented success with the Marvel shared movie universe, earning a lot of geek cred in the process, but Star Wars was another challenge altogether – given that Disney didn’t just have to deliver a quality film, they had to deliver a movie experience worthy of continuing the Skywalker story.

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WizzroSupreme1361d ago

They're probably both, if people's pocketbooks are any indication. And to imagine that The Force Awakens got an 81 on Metacritic. Best of both worlds.

kariyanine1361d ago

I'm not sure there needs to be a distinction between being a great movie or great entertainment.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31360d ago

As far as the latest film is concerned, great entertainment but not great. It didn't really leave much of a lasting impression on me. Not long after I had left the theater it was gone from my mind, and I haven't had the urge to revisit it since my initial viewing. I still don't regret waiting 3 hours in line on opening day to catch the first showing.