Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Most Gut Wrenching Scene Gets Remade with Legos (Spoilers)

EB: The Workshop LEGO Animations YouTube channel has recreated the most gut wrenching scene from Star Wars: The Force Awakens using LEGOs and stop motion filmmaking techniques.

With that being said you should only head down below if you’ve watched the movie, or don’t give a rat’s ass about one of its most game changing spoilers. You’ve been warned, twice.

And here’s another SPOILER warning for good measure!

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spicelicka1122d ago

Gut wrenchingly bad scene, Kylo looks more intimidating as a lego than in the movie.

FlameBaitGod1122d ago

lmfao the lego does look more intimidating

thekhurg1122d ago

He wasn't supposed to look intimidating, dummy.

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