#OscarsSoWhite: Are the Academy Awards racist?

Every year the Academy Awards nominations are announced, and many are left wondering; how is it that no black people have been nominated again? As someone who places a lot of importance in the Academy Awards and continues to preach their relevance, this is an important question to me. Is the Academy inherently racist, or is there a reason for the lack of colour in the nominations every year? Follow me as I analyse both sides of the argument and their reasons to figure out truth; is the Academy racist? Come with Meodia and we'll find out...

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NSG1130d ago

I think that there should be an effort to include diversity. Surely someone of another ethnicity has done a qualifying piece of work.

AdamScullin1129d ago

But where do we draw the line between "effort to include diversity" and picking people based on colour rather than merit? And without a doubt people of colour have done a qualifying piece of work in most categories, but when you have FIVE slots in each category and far more than five qualifying pieces each year, there will always be many that qualify but don't get it. This is bad luck, not racism (as many have indicated, I'm not saying that you implied that at all).

Chiefs1130d ago

I think it's fair. While i dont know the selection process they probably do go through a wide numbers of films featuring all races in narrowing it down to whats left

AdamScullin1129d ago

The selection process is very fair, as there aren't many ways to hand out a subjective award other than to get the voters to watch the films and choose who they thought was best. The issue is that often it doesn't work because we get people not watching all the films (10% of the Academy didn't even watch Selma) and people not trusting the opinions because they are, on average, 60-year-old white males, and there is an immediate assumption that they are prejudiced against other races.

annoyedgamer1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

LOL. Tomorrow it will be sexist because the latest feminist gender equality preaching film didn't get nominated.

AdamScullin1129d ago

While it's true that people tend to be actively seeking things to get offended about, the #OscarsSoWhite controversy isn't completely lacking in logic. If you read the article, you'll see there are some very interesting reasons why people believe the Academy is racist, and they aren't entirely unreasonable.

annoyedgamer1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Oh I know, Hollywood has always had an strange undercurrent of racism. Look at the black kid in Star Wars...

The moment I saw his back story I saw it as a low ball racist joke.

But to the critics and leftist groupies its ok because its a feminist swan song.

The same thing happened in Tron: Legacy. After the main characters walk away from the black programs they remark that they were "primitives".

Pretty soon the only way to get good movies that are not completely gutted by PC standards will be indie films.

KingPin1130d ago

wouldnt that make the BET awards racist too in some sort of way.....i dont see anyone complaining about that.

not picking sides or anything...just pointing out something to think about.

Father Murder X1130d ago

I don't watch BET but they are diverse. matter of fact Sam Smith won best male R&B artist of the year at the most recent BET awards.

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