Heroes Reborn "Company Woman" Review - AVClub

AVClub: Episode titles in television are rarely significant, touching on a theme of the installment but often offering little more than a creative replacement for the numerical code given an entry while in production. On occasion, however, a particularly clever or interesting title can add an extra layer of meaning or depth to an episode, elevating it. That’s likely what the writers of “Company Woman” were hoping for when they chose that title for the penultimate installment of Heroes Reborn, referencing the well-received—often considered series best—“Company Man,” the season one Heroes episode written by Bryan Fuller that broke format to dive deep with and explore the then-mysterious Noah Bennet. Unfortunately, connecting these two hours in viewers’ minds only highlights the missteps of Heroes Reborn and reminds those watching how far these sister series have fallen since the promising first season of Heroes.

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