Punisher Spinoff Starring Jon Bernthal in Development at Netflix

TV Line

Netflix is this close to pulling the trigger on The Punisher, a new Marvel spinoff series centered on Jon Bernthal’s gun-toting Daredevil vigilante (aka Frank Castle), TVLine has learned exclusively...

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dauntingpixel1129d ago

hardly a surprise here. i feel as if they had him a big part of season 2 for daredevil as a test and once they saw him on screen they fell in love. the future looks really good for the slightly darker side of the marvel comics vod series.

gangsta_red1127d ago

Hell yea, I always pictured a Die Hard type of show for Punisher.

Him going against impossible odds, guns blazing and Punisher just taking all sorts of crazy punishment (Ha) like John McClane.

NewMonday1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

most likely based on the Garth Ennis run as writer, it was one of the best mature comics at the time and considered the definitive Punisher arc.

It's more of the Quentin Tarantino kind, very violent with some black comedy, the Punisher in that run actually punishes and tortures gangsters to death.