Teen Wolf “Damnatio Memoriae” Review (Season 5 Episode 12) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "As the writers have done in the past, this episode had a lofty title that did not payoff until the final moments of the episode. Damnatio memoriae, is a phrase Scott and Stiles discovered as they explored the space where the doomsday beast. According to Stiles, it means an old memory has been resurrected. Although the significance of the “old memory” did not become relevant until the end of the episode, I am genuinely interested in the beast’s connection to the Argent family and what that means for some of the fun casting news revealed for this season. I have long wanted the Teen Wolf writers to meaningfully capitalize on the show’s families with long ties to the supernatural and to Beacon Hills. I hope the payoff with the Argents will be more rewarding than what we have seen so far with the Hales."

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