Screenrnat | '13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi' Review


13 Hours has elements of a lean and efficient action/thriller, but is bloated and overblown thanks to Michael Bay’s directorial approach. The film will no doubt prompt debates about how it portrays the events of the 2012 Libyan terrorist attack and what its political message (or lack thereof) means, but that will have more to do with the people having the debate – rather than anything that the movie itself actually has to offer on the subject. Indeed, 13 Hours is more mature than most of Bay’s recent work solely because the bar has been set so low; thus, while some filmgoers will enjoy 13 Hours and appreciate its grisly portrayal of militaristic combat, other hoping the the film’s subject matter would elevate it above being mindless action movie entertainment are likely to wind up being disappointed.

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