Star Wars 7: Is This The True Identity Of Supreme Leader Snoke?


From the moment the end credits rolled on Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens, there was one question at the forefront of fans’ minds: who is Supreme Leader Snoke, and just how important is he? In short, he’s the commander of the Force-using Kylo Ren, and the secretive commander of The First Order – the newer, stronger, more ruthless remnants of the Galactic Empire.

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WizzroSupreme1134d ago

Yup, sure sounds like it to me.

annoyedgamer1133d ago

He will return as the commander of the second reich.

JustInTlME1133d ago

Lol. Not a chance. Snoke is 100% Darth Plagueis. All of his arguments were pretty trash. Kylo hasn't gotten weaker under Snoke, I don't know how much stronger, but Kylo is without a doubt strong with the force. The only reason he lost the battle to Rey was because just before the battle he was shot by a mother fucking crossbow.....does everyone forget that? The same gun that destroyed stormtroopers in dozens and knocked back everyone 10-20 feet. Kylo took that hit like a champ. He was probably using all his force power to keep his insides from falling out.

ZombieGamerMan1133d ago

Plus he just came out of a fight with Finn so he already exerted a lot of his energy to fight him so he was already weaker when he fought Rey

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Pillsbury11133d ago

After watching it again I believe Rey is Ben kenobis granddaughter. Kylo is named after Ben, cousins fighting each other would make sense.

During that vision when she touches the light saber you can hear bens voice call to Rey.

phantomexe1132d ago

I want you too be right but ben called out to luke in the old movies as well. Still tho that would be preety cool if true.