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Interview with Hitman: Agent 47 Producer Adrian Askarieh - Games to Movies, Not an Easy Adaptation

COG writes - We get a chance to chat with 'Hitman: Agent 47' Producer Adrian Askarieh about his thoughts on the film as well as what's next for him. You should be excited.

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MRBIGCAT1942d ago

I still need to check this out.

Digital_Anomaly1942d ago

I didn't mind Hitman, BUT knowing what he's working on next!! Gah, don't screw that up!

MercilessDMercer1942d ago

That Deus Ex announcement though!!

dauntingpixel1942d ago

a random interview post about a bad movie is suddenly catapulted to the top of the pile? all these posts on the site and this is the one that 4 people decided to comment on? something seems fishy to me

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