Will Leia Be A Jedi?

So in the new Star Wars film Leia is a general…not a Jedi. This got jaws flapping all over the internet and my question to you is…why can’t she be both?

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WizzroSupreme1126d ago

Nope, at least, not int he way that we've seen them before. I doubt Carrie Fisher's jumping around with a lightsaber in Episodes VIII or IX, but she could definitely be a Force user of some kind – maybe even use battle mediation if that EU ability was kept intact. It would sure help against whatever Snoke and The First Order has to throw at the Resistance.

sonicwrecks1123d ago

She should definately be shown to have Jedi skills, and great power even if we're not treated to Leia kicking ass. Leia must have a lightsaber surely. I want to see that amber blade from the (former) expanded universe.