American Horror Story: Hotel Episode 12 Review: “Be Our Guest” | TVOM

TVOM: "There have been plenty of ups and plenty of downs this year, but we’ve finally made it to the season finale of another installment of American Horror Story (unlike the previous three seasons, but like Murder House, Hotel consists of only twelve episodes). As usual, the finale has a lot to wrap up before the season can properly end, so let’s take a look at the end of Hotel, “Be Our Guest.”"

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Aldous_Snow1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Didnt realise it was the season finale when I was watching as others had 13 episodes. Really disappointed. The episode was ok, but as a finale it was just shit. Felt rushed, jumped too far ahead too fast, left too many holes and the 10 commandments killer ending was rubbish. It was a bit like whatever they cut from the other 11 episodes, they threw it all together and thats what they came up with.

Didn't see point in bringing in Queenie from season 3 just kill her off with no repercussions or payoff as there were no other connections to season 3.

Was mainly tied to Season 1 so it was good that we got to see Constances' psychic friend Billie Dean.

Liz was the star of the season. Great character and she was hilarious.

Hope Jessica Lange returns for Season 6.