"The Bat Is Dead," Says The Man Of Steel In Epic New Batman v Superman Clip


Zack Snyder appeared on Conan tonight and brought a brand new clip from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with him! Featuring a tense confrontation between the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight, this is guaranteed to get you psyched about the movie. Check it out!

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-Foxtrot1128d ago

Why has Batman got that voice still I thought it was only a part of his Armoured Batman suit?

dauntingpixel1128d ago

my guess is it's just part of the whole suit. needs to keep his voice disguised.

the way i see it, they're damned if they do and damned if they don't. people complained about chris nolan's batman voice because it sounded too raspy or gruff. so snyder opted to make it a part of the suit and now he'll catch grief for this approach as well.

fickle bunch the viewers of film and tv.

-Foxtrot1128d ago

But they are totally fine with Superman acting like himself.

I mean if we are supposed to believe that nobody can guess Superman is Clark Kent thanks to his thick black glasses I don't see why Batman speaking in his normal voice would be a problem.

Supermans identity not being found out despite to us, the viewers, seeing it as so obvious is totally fine with us. We don't mind, it's Superman so I think people would be fine if Batman just spoke in his normal voice.

I didn't like the voice Bale used but I guess it made more sense since Nolan was going the realistic way and having him sound like Bruce would be a dead give away

masso91121128d ago

I think he uses the voice modulator when he is around people he wants to completely conceal his identity, maybe when he trusts superman a little he will tone down the modulator or turn it off, like when he says "I thought she was with you" you can hear the modulator but the distortion on the voice is really small compared to this

dauntingpixel1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

but we've yet to really get a chance to see Superman as Clark Kent. let's wait and see what that's all about but the argument about clark only really removing his glasses and fixing his hair is kinda old don't you think? batman's voice i think needs to change to make the bad guys fear him. i dunno. i have no issue with the voices.

Porcelain_Chicken1128d ago

Not really the same comparison. Clark is an absolute nobody. And he has no real reason to hide his face when he hides so well as Clark Kent. Clark is in fact his mask. While with Batman, Bruce Wayne is a public persona. He's known throughout the DC universe. Like we learned with The Dark Knight people begin to connect the dots and trace it back to him. The voice modulator helps conceal his Bruce Wayne voice and make that just a bit harder. Especially when he's around people who probably know Bruce Wayne.

-Foxtrot1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

What about the people who saw the things Clark did as a child, with the school bus and that.

Hell Lois Lane interviewed these people and obviously when a grown man ends up doing the same things a small boy in your town was rumored to do then one of them would be like

"OMG that's that kid, IT'S CLARK KENT"

But that dosen't happen

We are supposed to believe (and we do, happily) that that wouldn't happen so I don't think people would complain of Batman speaking normally and no one figuring out it's Bruce Wayne

Hell Batman is a detective, I'm sure he would be the first to put the pieces together about Superman straight away as soon as they meet when Clark is asking him about the Bat vigilante in Gotham

Porcelain_Chicken1128d ago

For all we know Bruce has figured it out. The way he looked at Clark as he said his "freaks dressed like clowns" line. Up and down implying he knew. As for the people in Smallville I'd like to think a lot of people know and just choose to keep quiet. Like Lana Lang and Pete Ross. Pete Ross saw what his mother became when she heard what Clark could do. He kept quiet until Lois figured it out. And even then he only pointed her to the Kent house, not outright throwing Clark under the bus. Pun intended. He knows Clark is pure hearted and just wants to help. Unlike everyone else who worships him or condemns him.

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