9 TV Pilots We Can't Wait To See This Fall


There's a Smorgasbord of midseason television hitting the airwaves over the next couple of months. But the major networks are already hard at work putting together new shows for the summer and next season. Early January brings with it the annual Television Critics Association Winter press tour; while much of that time is dedicated to soon-to-debut shows, it’s also a time for networks to announce new pilot projects for next season. Right now, we’re only looking at the four major broadcast networks—ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX—but we’re keeping our ears open for news about the 4,179 cable networks and the 3.2 x 105 scripted shows gestating in the Large Hadron Collider we call a “development pipeline.” For now, consider this your first look at a handful of promising show ideas you’ll be hearing more about in six months. (A workplace comedy set in the DC Universe? Bring it on!)

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