Star Wars: The Force Awakens – 8 Reasons It’s Better The Second Time

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It’s rare that a movie plays as well the second time as it does the first.
For starters, a film has to earn its right to a second viewing (which the majority do not). Few people are likely to ever say to themselves: “Hey, I really feel like watching Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen again tonight… that’s what I’m seriously in the mood for!” Then there’s the little notion that, generally speaking, motion pictures rarely manage to win you over in the same capacity when you revisit them. Remember when we all went to see Avatar and came out thinking that it was the greatest movie ever? And then we all watched it again and realised that it just, like, okay? Kind of embarrassing, right?

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WizzroSupreme1543d ago

It sure was for me just thanks to knowing what to get hyped about and what to let wash over me.

madjedi1543d ago

Actually the second time was worse for me, because the hype was over and I started noticing really odd/lazy writing choices.