Arrow: What Should Come Next For Felicity Smoak?


A driving force in both the show and Oliver’s development has been Felicity who, after being introduced as a one-off character, quickly turned into the comic relief, brains, and heart of the show. While this fan favorite has gone through some significant changes since she was first introduced – perhaps most noticeably rising from a low level IT position at Queen Consolidated to CEO of Palmer Technologies – she hasn’t yet received a major comic book transformation like many of her friends have. Though Felicity now appears in certain Arrow comics, she hasn’t taken on a moniker of her own in the show.

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-Foxtrot1135d ago

"While this fan favorite"

Is she? I don't even watch it and I know by vocal fans they don't really like her

gangsta_red1134d ago

Maybe a female Blue Beatle??

WizzroSupreme1134d ago

Just knowing how TV works, now Felicity's going to die, get resurrected by a Lazarus pit, and then break up with Oliver before getting back together.

StarWarsFan1134d ago

I'm kind of burned out for Arrow. It's gotten so outlandish compared to the earlier episodes.