The Expanse "Retrofit" Review - AVClub

AVClub: How much character work is too much character work? It depends on the kind of show, really; for a low-key drama, you could spend hours delving into psychology and internal conflicts, whereas with a sitcom, you’d have to convey even the most complex mental state in between the one-two stream of constant punchlines. The Expanse isn’t under restrictions quite so rigorous, but it has done well so far by keeping things moving forward at a good clip, even as it sometimes dawdles with the subplots. While the character development has been a bit of a slow-burn, the show has done a very good job of maintaining a consistent pace, so that even when the importance of a scene isn’t immediately relevant (or if a sequence is clearly serving to remind us that a character exists rather than accomplish anything story-related), the feeling of “getting somewhere” remains strong.

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