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The 13 Most Nonsensical Theories About The Identity of Supreme Leader Snoke


Without a doubt, Supreme Leader Snoke has become one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Played by Andy Serkis, this mysterious evil being leads the terrible First Order, turned Kylo Ren to the Dark Side, and yet we only see him as a hologram.

Who is Snoke? That mystery has driven the internet crazy, spawning tons of theories about his nature and origins. Here are 13 theories that probably aren’t true—and you shouldn’t need to be told at this point, but yeah, there will be spoilers for The Force Awakens below.

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WizzroSupreme1365d ago

Snoke is not Anakin and he's totally not Palpatine. He's totally Palpatine's son, though. Think of it: Kylo Ren's a knock-off of Darth Vader. What if Snoke was the son Palpatine rejected and now that son is embodying his father? It's al about family in a galaxy far, far away, right?