Exclusive: Batman V Superman's Other Villain Revealed

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We're mere months away from Warner Bros' "Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice," and have been tracking its production since way back when it was just a "Man of Steel" sequel. The addition of Batman to Superman's sequel
will also kick off the future DC comic book adventures of "The Justice League," a two-part movie event that will also directed by Zack Snyder.

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dauntingpixel1131d ago

this could be pretty big news but I always thought that we'd see someone bigger and larger than life coming into the series like darkseid or brainiac

Soldierone1130d ago

Pretty sure we will see a hint of Darkseid at the end, but they for sure are saving those villains for the whole Justice League.

They can't come out with a total bang and then throw the Justice League together and make them face the Joker.

dauntingpixel1131d ago

don't like the idea of that character?

acemonkey1130d ago (Edited 1130d ago )

almost everybody knew bizarro was going to be in it, so mostly likely bizarro will evolve into doomsday? but i dont really see bizarro a big threat. Maybe Brainiac is the reason why doomsday is there. But wtf just make this movie 6 hours long and make a JL movie

is this an opinon piece or somebody using Reddit and fan theories?

Porcelain_Chicken1130d ago

Yeah it's not a big surprise. Bizzarro is a threat but maybe they won't play him so heavily mentally handicapped and we can get something more from him. I'd be ok if Bizzaro became Doomsday. Both aren't really characters who need a big introduction. They are brutes. Henchmen type villains who don't need much in the way of character development. So a 6 hour movie wouldn't really be necessary lol.

It's Reddit posters again. So yeah, take it with a grain of salt.

acemonkey1129d ago

6hours is kinda necessary you every walked out of a comic book movie going like brah i could have been there for like 3 more hours and wouldnt given a shit...

and y i get a disagree? its was me thinking of theories, i do it and i get hate when somebody else on reddit does it and get praise? lol gtfo

Porcelain_Chicken1129d ago

I hear ya lol. The disagree wasn't me by the way. It's the Internet. Don't take it too seriously.

dota2champion1130d ago

So Bizzarro would be the bigger threat to the Justice league than doomsday?

Soldierone1130d ago

If they don't make him stupid then he for sure would. Especially if he "evolves" into Doomsday then he's a massive threat.

Inzo1130d ago

Is Bizzaro really THE villain? Iv seen many instances where he actually helps Superman and Superman treats as a annoyance more than anything else. Nope I think the big reveal is yet to come and Im hoping for Darkseid.

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