Deadpool Has Officially Been Rated


While anyone who has seen the trailers and promos probably won't be surprised, fans of Deadpool should be pleased with today's update.

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dauntingpixel1135d ago

they wanted the hard r they got the hard r. it's going to be great

HRoach6161135d ago

The only thing, and it's a small thing, that bums me out about this is he won't have a teleporter belt. That was always a favorite ability he had of mine. Mixed in some nightcrawler. And every seeing nightcrawlers opening scene in X2 I would have loved to see what Deadpool could do with it. Maybe it makes him overpowered cinematically. I dont know. Just a shame seeing how faithful the rest of it seems to be. Maybe that could be introduced in the sequel if this goes as well as I hope.

Either way I'm stoked to see this. Doctor Strange and this are my two most anticipated movies this year.

Porcelain_Chicken1135d ago

Agreed on the teleported belt! Although I'm not bummed about it. This gives them room to expand Deadpool in sequels down the line. Sequels which I am sure this will get. :D I am heavily stoked for this aswell!

dauntingpixel1135d ago

random disagrees again. those 2 people are real trolls aren't they? lol

back on topic - i think this movie is going to be killer fun to watch. it just might surprise some studio execs with just how much it makes. one of the things i really love about this movie is how the "leaked" concept footage came out and the internet went crazy for it demanding the movie got made and they actually did it. amazing.

HRoach6161135d ago

The story of this movie being made could be a movie in itself haha Ryan Reynolds has been working his ass off for years trying to get this done properly. From my understanding it could have happened a few years back but no one could agree how to do it so it got shelved. Thankfully

Yeah random disagrees from people who couldn't agree that air is good

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FlyingFoxy1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Prob be rated 15 here in the UK. Surprises me what they allow in 15 rated films at times, only extra over the top gore gets it to 18.

annoyedgamer1134d ago

If this film was mades in the 80s it would have been PG-13 with no censoring.

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