Study: Women Filmmakers Held Just 19 Percent of Top Behind-the-Screen Jobs in 2015

The Hollywood Reporter

In 2015, the plight of women in Hollywood became a national conversation, and for good reason: it’s a ridiculously male dominated industry that appears to be rife with some pretty sexist behavior. Things have gotten so bad that the ACLU even called for an investigation (one which the EOCC currently appears to be conducting) into the bias against woman directors, calling their treatment a “civil rights violation” and worse for womens’ civil rights than the U.S. military.

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WizzroSupreme1129d ago

It's just a vicious circle of inequality when it comes down to it. Women don't direct more movies because there aren't enough women in movies in general.

StarWarsFan1129d ago

But maybe women just don't seek those jobs in droves.