Star Wars – Han Solo Shortlist Of Actors Ranked

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After a recent search that saw Lucasfilm studio heads searching far and wide for a suitable young man to play a prequelised Han Solo, the list has apparently been whittled down to a mere dozen candidates. Variety have given the world 8 of the 12 names that are allegedly still in the running after auditioning and, well, some of them are interesting choices, and others, not so much.

Whoever this young Han Solo ends up being, he’s currently rumoured to first appear in Star Wars: Rogue One this coming December. This probably explains why Disney and Lucasfilm are in such a rush to cast what is arguably the most coveted role in Hollywood right now, but none of that is confirmed at this stage.

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WizzroSupreme1134d ago

Scott Eastwood is easily the best pick out of this bunch.