TVF Elementary Season 4 Episode 7 Review: Miss Taken

Well played, Elementary. Well played.

You kept me guessing until the very end. Elementary Season 4 Episode 7 started with a classic 'corpse in the woodchipper' scenario, followed by an impostor kidnapee, a flashbang, and the real kidnappee saved.

Fake Mina was brilliantly manipulative, to the point where Sherlock described her as one of the best liars he's ever met. And this from the guy who was in love with Moriarty!

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alycakes1135d ago

This show never disappoints and on that note let me just say that this particular one was on the button. This young girl pretending to be the long lost daughter of a rich couple was working until Sherlock came along and even though she got caught and the real one was found...she was not a horrible person and I was even left with the thought that she may be back on the show in the future causing more trouble.