‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Will Feature 60+ Marvel Characters

The Russos are currently hard at work on post-production for Captain America: Civil War but they're also simultaneously breaking story on Avengers: Infinity War. Just how big is the film? Perhaps bigger than anyone anticipated as the sibling directors drop new intel.

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KingPin1133d ago

i wanna see how many people call this movie bloated after batman v superman had like 6 superheroes announced and everyone was complaining about so many characters in one movie.

but im guessing they'll be defending marvel as usual. making up excuses like..."its a war, it has to have so many characters."

OneAboveAll1133d ago

Of course we will be defending Marvel. It has nothing to do with it being a "war". It has everything to do with the source material. The comics, the comics had a shit ton of characters in the Infinity Gauntlet comic.

In fact, you really don't have to defend it.

KingPin1133d ago

but doesnt the original justice league have 7 characters in the source material? so why is it when they announced 6 of them even though some are only cameos, the world went up in arms about how bloated the movie is going to be and how DC dont know what they doing, jamming all characters into one yet when marvel does it, now they sticking to the source material...

if you cant see a double standard in the media now, you probably never will.

Vames1133d ago

See, we have one guy arguing about source material. Basically what he's saying is, since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is more of an original take than a complete story swiped from the comics, it should not have too much characters. Only the source material must have a ton of characters.

This is what you get when fanboys take something overly serious.

KingPin1132d ago

yip, some people blindly defend marvel regardless what crap they make. lol

lets hope in Infinity War we don't have 60+ characters breaking out into a dance battle to distract the opposing side so they can catch em by surprise.

mamotte1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Problem is Marvel know it's business and DC is just trying to catch up. Marvel has an independent movie for almost every character, so when it's time to put'em together in a movie it becomes a pleasure to see how they interact with each other, it's fun to see how they change when they're in a team, it's great when a character makes a small cameo in other movie just for what it is: a detail. Hell, It'll great if Rocket Racoon meets Iron Man.

I know, I know, most DC characters have series, like The Flash, but for the average consumer it's easier to go see a two hours movie, than sit down and see a series. It's marketing common sense.

Now, DC: We had three Batman movies where he win because... well', it's Batman (actually, I remember the villians more), and poker face black and white Superman; my opinion is that it could be a great DBZ movie. This said, I really don't give a damn if they're together in a movie or not. Well... I did, but at this point we all know there'll be not winner and they'll just hug at the end.

Another simple example, how Am I supposed to be excited about Wonder Woman being there, when the last memories I have are from Linda Carter? There's no way.

As you see, I'm talking as a simple human that don't read comics (Marvel or DC) and I enter to see a movie with the previous knowledge from other movies. I surely won't feel empathy or excitement about other characters since I know nothing about them.

And I'm not even mentioning Suicide Squad, a movie about The Joker, his girlfriend, and I know Will Smith will be there. I know nothing about the team, and if they pretend me to know and care about 6-8 characters (same goes to Batman Vs superman. Technically the title is misleading) it's obvious the movie will feel bloated with characters. They could even give every character a trailer, is really that difficult?

Just my two cents. Marvel know it's business. DC.. not so much.

uncharted561132d ago

This comment makes me laugh. Do you realize your only used to how MCU works and did their things and thats what you are using it to judge DCU and the movie even before its out. DC is using a different approach to set them apart from Marvel which is a good thing otherwise why even call it DCU might as well call it MCU2. And yes they are playing catch up but can you blame them and whats wrong with that? This movie is introducing these characters. Most ppl on this planet know who Batman and Superman are and have at least heard abot WW, GL and flash. You go watch a movie for the experience and the story. You keep judging on how DC movies will not tell you the origin of these characters? You will have to go watch the movie for gods sake to find about these people and what are they upto in suicide squad.

Porcelain_Chicken1132d ago

I don't even know where to begin.

"so when it's time to put'em together in a movie it becomes a pleasure to see how they interact with each other"

Are you telling me that people want the novelty of them being in a cross over instead of just seeing two great characters ttogether a good movie?! *sigh* That's what I gather from alot people's posts. And it depresses me.

"but for the average consumer it's easier to go see a two hours movie - Wonder Woman being there, when the last memories I have are from Linda Carter?"

Like you said. "Average consumer". I know plenty of comic book fans that are excited for Wonder Woman. And they don't need a plethora of movies to do so. And it's sad to see that's all people want now. :( Movie crossovers... I feel this is the beginning of the end for this genre. People will expect hand holding from the very beginning and anyone who tries anything else will get hung.

"They could even give every character a trailer, is really that difficult?" Lol wut? Hand holding. :/

"same goes to Batman Vs superman. Technically the title is misleading)"

How is the title misleading?! Lol. It's as straightforward as it gets. Batman and Superman come to blows do to different ideals and this movie will be a prelude to the Justice League. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That's as straightforward as it gets. Not sure how you are feeling mislead. And of course Batman and Superman will become friends by the end. Just like Iron man and Cap will be friends in the beginning and become enemies in the middle and be friends again in time for Infinity Wars. But I'm sure you won't mention anything there.

mamotte1132d ago

@uncharted & porcelain

I'm giving an answer to KingPin: "i wanna see how many people call this movie bloated after batman v superman had like 6 superheroes announced and everyone was complaining about so many characters in one movie. "

I don't know about the movie, I'm just assuming things, same as KingPin.

This said, yes, I'm comparing those movies, since, well, Kingpin did. It's what I usually call a "crossover". characters from different universes made some kind of special episode, and that's pretty much all. Videogames do it, movies do it, comics do it, hell, even Cartoon Network do it.

Avengers became the movie it is because all characters have a universe: I don't have to sit and watch where they come from.

I'm not saying it's impossible to get it right, since Guardians of the Galaxy showed us five characters and it was a great movie. Amazing Spiderman 2 showed us like, four, and was a mess. I understand your comments about this movie being done "The DC way". But, I don't know. Maybe as the "average consumer" I Am, I was expecting a little more from the DC universe, at least a movie from a League of Heroes. After all, the "average consumers" are the ones this kind of movies are aimed to.

Vames1129d ago

Your comment is misguided. You say there are three Batman movies where he won, well, there are three Iron Man movies where he won, two Thor films where he won, two Captain America films where he won, so what's your point again? I'm sorry, I missed it.

As for Suicide Squad, no one knows what the film is about, so to say it is about this person and that know, you're just attempting to find something significant to say and all you have done, is spit out a long book about nonsense.

You say you can't be excited about Wonder Woman since she has never been modernized on film. Well, how can you be excited about Black Panther showing up in Civil War when he has never been on film before? I'm hoping you've began to see how dumb your book is by now.

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imtiyaz61132d ago

Honestly, Avengers 2 killed the hype I had for all the future movies from Marvel studios. A really disappointing film. These movies have the potential of being awesome but I feel the studios get too involved and therefore, limit the director's vision for the film. BTW, I was looking forward to BvS but the new trailer spoiled everything. They gave away the entire plot! Deadpool will be the superhero movie of the year, I am calling it now.

uncharted561132d ago

Was Avengers 1 and 2 spoiled for you too when trailers revealed Loki, Aliens and Ultron and Vision. Double standards much. smh and they have already said doomsday only part of the surprise.

Porcelain_Chicken1132d ago

It spoiled everything?! No way!!!! I don't have time to search it up again but can you answer me a few basic questions please?! :D

What role does Aquaman play in the grand scheme of things?
Is Flash really in this?!
Victor Stone was confirmed to be in this, does he ever become Cyborg or is it hinted at all?
Any mention on the new on Green Lantern?! And where was he during the events of Man of Steel?
How is Doomsday created? Zack said his mythology would be explored so it's obviously not just Lex poking around Zod's insides!
Is there a third bad guy?! Zack teased a bigger badder threat?! :0
How long is Wonder Woman's role? And is Gal a good Wonder Woman?!
Is Eisenberg a good Lex and is his "goofball Eisneberg-ness" really just a public persona?
Do you feel it touched upon the MoS destruction well or was that sorta skimmed through to focus on the current events?
Does this movie confirm wether the events of Suicide Squad happen before or after this movie?
How does Lex lose his hair? Eisenberg really seemed to like that part of the movie?!

imtiyaz61132d ago

Maybe I exaggerated a bit there, lol, but the trailer did give away the plot in a more succinct manner. MoS's trailer didn't give away much and I loved every minute of the movie. Only Superman, Batman, and WW have a real part in the film. Cameos are great but it's not gonna be the integral part of the film. I mean Thanos' first appearance didn't define Avengers 1 nor did Howard the duck in GoTG. Eisenberg's a great actor- but I don't like the direction he's taking with Lex. Put makeup on his face and he'll remind you of Heath Ledger's joker.

uncharted561132d ago

Thats what your not understanding lol. look at all the trailers and see how they are different from each other they have all been edited cleverly to come off a specific way in each one. I feel like Snyder is doing some major trolling here through the trailers and feel like there is more to the movie as has said. Also we always knew the basic plot which was bats and supes would fight and then join forces to fight a greater evil, now if Snyder is to believed there is another evil besides Doomsday.

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Kylejp971132d ago

But Marvel has been building for years to this moment. I'm a huge Batman fan, but they are cramming everyone into one movie.

uncharted561132d ago

All they have in the movie are Batman, Superman and introducing Lex and Doomsday who else are they cramming in there besides maybe a JL cameo possibly. You do know what the word Cameo is right?

-Foxtrot1132d ago

Wonder Woman

Possibly (Rumored)

Oracle or Robin depending who she's playing
A Flash cameo

-Foxtrot1132d ago


Huge difference

This film has been what every Marvel film and Tv show has been leading up to, slowly and carefully with a lot of planning.

DC is doing this in like their second film, couldn't even give Superman a sequel first.

Slow and steady wins the race

ZayZay_111132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

DC is doing what in their second film? Giving us a prequel to a Justice League movie? I honestly don't understand why Marvel fanboys assume DC should follow Marvel's formula. Even if they did you guys would still find some reason to complain. Cyborg, Aquamn, and Flash will have cameos. Small screen time. The rest of the movie is all about Batman and Superman. And Bizzaro is not even in the movie.

-Foxtrot1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

"why Marvel fanboys assume"

Yes because anyone who criticising DC rushing ahead is a Marvel fanboy. It's like the PS vs Xbox thing, say one negative thing about either and suddenly you are the fanboy of one of them.


"DC is doing what in their second film?"

Trying to shove in as many things as they can instead of slowly building it up.

You have Lex and Doomsday which is, apparently, "Doom-Zod". Possibly changing the origins and for what? Just so they have a quick way of adding him into the film. You only needed one villain. They are trying to treat it as a mini Justice League instead of slowly building up to the Justice League film. We should have had Man of Steel, Batman, Wonderwoman, Green Lantern, Flash and then the Justice League film which introduces Cyborg...and so on.

Oh and what is actually wrong with Marvels formula? Hell it's not even perfect, this was DC's way of doing it but making it even better. Marvel had no idea this was going to take off and they don't own the rights to all their characters if they knew BOTH of these things then I bet my entire live savings that Spiderman would have been in Phase 1 and Antman would have been included aswell with Hank Pym and at the end he sets up the Avengers along with Nick Fury. Even with Hank building Ultron as a subplot to use in the Avenger sequel.

So yeah if they did do "Marvels formula" and did it better then it wouldn't actually be their formula anyone but more of an improved one. Better, more structured, can do more since DC own all their characters.

"The rest of the movie is all about Batman and Superman"

And the point is it's their second film. Why feel the need to add Batman, do they think Superman can't hold on his own. Wonder Woman will be included aswell and will obviously play a big role judging by the trailer.

"And Bizzaro is not even in the movie"

Which is why I said "rumoured" /s

You know because of the most recent rumour.

RetrospectRealm1132d ago

@1.5.2 Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash were already confirmed for BvS. That's why their casting was announced.

uncharted561132d ago

Do you really blame them though. Srsly if they did all the prequels to JL like marvel did by the time they would get t JL from a business stand point people would be burned out on the comic book genre. And I def see what your point Fox but sometimes what we want cannot be had otherwise this world would be a Utopia. And whats wrong with the Justice League forming and then them further expanding on these characters and telling a story with a arch rival of them if anything its different from marvel and exciting and its also an equally sufficient way of telling the story and expanding the universe.

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Kojjikaneshiro1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

You sir have obviously never read the Infinity Gauntlet,so you might not know how it goes.DC has an inconsistent track record and that's why people criticise it so much.Marvel on the other hand has a better critical and box office record.People are judging the numbers and quality which DC also has just not as much as Marvel.Warner brothers has had the rights to DC characters for like 40 years but it wasn't till Marvel made the Avegengers that they even considered making a Justice League movie despite fans asking for it.Sad thing is that Dsiney has owned the rights to Marvel less than a decade and has done more with its library than Warner Brothers has done with DC's.

Kojjikaneshiro1132d ago

@ Kingpin you talk about Marvel fans but you're so hard on DC's nuts it's hilarous.I'm a huge DC fan but the numbers don't lie and the critics don't lie Marvel has done a better job at portraying its characters on the silver screen.

uncharted561132d ago

Do you also consider we also live in a different time period where nerd/geek culture is main stream hence why these movies actually make so much money vs when the superman/batman movies were released. Hence, some of these critics are fans of the source material too hence superhero movies are more well received then they were before both critically and financially.

KingPin1132d ago

where did i say i like DC movies more than marvel movies in my comment? or that i have this "hard on" for DC. i guess pointing out a simple double standard makes me automatically pick a side and i should stop watching marvel movies.

all i said was that when DC has x amount of characters in one movie, its bloated and people whine and complain that they shoving too many characters in one movie even though they only using as many as the original source material. marvel makes a movie with 10 times that amount, and its exciting eventhough they too are using the same amount as the source material. double standard? no?

DC leaves out origin stories for some characters, its the wrong move. they arent making standalone movies for each character. as if nobody knows who batman, superman, aquaman, WW are. marvel makes a movie with 60+ characters, suddenly nobody asks why there isnt 60+ origin movies for each character and its all good.

im simply pointing out the double standard amongst fans. i didnt state marvel fans/dc fans (unless you can specifically point out where i said "Marvel fans"). media is the biggest culprit of this double standard.

having standalone sequels is not always a good thing either. iron man 2 and 3 were mediocre at best. would you want 2 DC movies of that quality for the sake of having standalone movies because marvel did it? i dont think anyone wants that.

i didnt even bring up any of marvels numbers and i never claimed they were doing poorly either. so i dont know where you getting that line of thought from.

as for that dance scene, guardians was enjoyable but that dance distraction was lame unless you would rather watch batman v superman in an epic dance battle rather than a well choreographed action scene.

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Soldierone1132d ago

Honestly that means they have to develop 60 characters at least somewhat before that movie releases. So far they have hit maybe 20 if you include slight cameo's in movies.

That being said video games have tried to tell this story and those stories were 3-6 hours of story telling and they still felt broken. Try to condense this into a 2 hour movie, even if you break it up into 3 movies, and try to remain cohesive. It's going to be hard.

dota2champion1132d ago

That's just too much. They should just focus only with having the most popular Marvel heroes

gangsta_red1132d ago

Who else thinks this is going to just be a mess of a movie?

Avengers 2 was already jam packed and awful.

The_Devil_Hunter1132d ago

Do you guys think or know if the Netflix Heroes are going to be on this; Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Iron fist, Luke Cage? I know they're part of MCU but I really like them to be with the film heroes.

-Foxtrot1132d ago

I think it would be a good idea if they used the Defenders as a way of dealing with the streets and any enemies which have gotten past the main Avenger teams. Kind of like having the Defenders included as a way of saving people down below so you don't have to keep writing an Avenger to constantly safe a civilian from harms way.

Little bit of a plot device but it's a good way to include them.

The_Devil_Hunter1132d ago

I hope so, I mean they're part of the MCU so it would be nice to work with them as well.

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