Heroes Reborn "Send In The Clones" Review - AVClub

AVClub: As part of our Best Of 2015 coverage, The A.V. Club opted not to include a list of the worst TV of the year. Instead, we argued the greater crime was being inessential, wasting the audience’s time with forgettable narratives and bland characters. A prime example of this is Heroes Reborn’s latest episode, which continues the series’ underwhelming, contrived, and overlong journey to its inevitable finale showdown. At this point, it would be satisfying to tune in to an episode of Heroes Reborn and walk away angry or upset. That would indicate the episode had taken a chance or made a statement with its choices. Instead, even when “Send In the Clones” flirts with style or personality, these moments are watered down to the point of uselessness. This episode isn’t offensive, it doesn’t invoke ire, it’s just there, taking up space and time and wasting the few opportunities the series has left to make an impression.

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