The Good Wife "Iowa" Review - AVClub

AVClub: As my fill-in LaToya Ferguson wrote in her review of The Good Wife’s midwinter finale, the only moment worth truly caring about in “KSR” doesn’t come until the very end. Well, keeping with that pattern, “Iowa” picks up exactly where “KSR” leaves us. Eli has just told Alicia that he deleted Will’s voicemail from six years ago, in which he tells her he loves her and would do anything just to be with her. In “Iowa,” we get to see Alicia’s reaction, and it makes for the most explosive and frenetic The Good Wife opening since “Hitting The Fan.” But whereas “Hitting The Fan” uses the chaos of its beginnings to fuel an exciting, sprinting episode, “Iowa” lets Alicia’s initially fiery breakdown melt into one of the saddest episodes the show has tackled in a while. But unfortunately, the rest of the episode never quite lives up to that first scene.

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