“Leaked” Spider-Man Themed ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Hoodie Potentially Reveals New Costume

So there’s this image of a Spider-Man-themed hoodie posted by SuperBro Movie News! that could possibly, maybe, potentially be the closest unofficial look at the new Spider-Man costume Tom Holland will be wearing in Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War movie set to release in May 6 of this year.

The image is pretty grainy, but it’ not that hard to imagine what the real thing will look like.

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rdgneoz31136d ago

It's not going to be the costume, it's going to be sold at $100+ for people to buy...

iamnsuperman1136d ago

Actually they aren't that expensive.

So unlikely a costume but merchandise

rdgneoz31136d ago

Not bad, I figured they'd try to rip people off like some companies do.

alycakes1135d ago

Somebody just trying to make money

RetrospectRealm1136d ago

Why would they sell a sweatshirt for a hundred bucks? Lol


I may spend any amount of money to buy this.