‘Sherlock’ Season 4: Rupert Graves Teases Potential Lestrade & Molly Relationship


The most recent Sherlock Christmas Special, a la “the Victorian one,” ended largely where Season 3 did, teasing Moriarty, and Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) flying off to dig into the chaos he’s left behind. (I wanted to love it, but didn’t quite — you can read my recap here). Though most of the characters got to play a different side of themselves, Lestrade (Rupert Graves) was more or less the same, and it was a little disappointing that we weren’t able to get more with him as a Victorian inspector.

But, while promoting ABC’s upcoming drama series The Family (the pilot of which is the start of a pretty tantalizing mystery — more to come on that), I got the chance to speak to Graves briefly about Sherlock Season 4. The new season is set to start filming in spring of 2016, though Graves said that they haven’t seen scripts yet. When asked if he has any hopes for his character and his connection with Molly (Louise Brealey), though, he said:

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