Adventure Time "Summer Showers" Review - AVClub

AVClub: espite being the rapidly aged offspring of a shape-shifting dog and his rainicorn lover, Jake and Lady Rainicorn’s pups have been at the center of some of Adventure Time’s most grounded, emotionally mature episodes. Kim Kil Whan tried to get his dad to be a responsible adult in “Ocarina”, T.V. learned the harsh truth about growing up in “Diary”, and this week’s “Summer Showers” spotlights Viola as she deals with the pressure of her father’s hopes for her career as an actress. Viola is working backstage on a production of Lumpy Space Princess’ new drama “Summer Showers,” and while much of the episode deals with the egomania driving LSP’s theatrical endeavor, the heart of the story is in Viola and Jake’s relationship.

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