A 'Super-Scary' Jesse Eisenberg? Meet the New Lex Luthor (with Hair) in 'Batman v Superman'

LA Times

"I had a Mentos. Do you want one" Perched in a glass conference room wearing a T-shirt with the sleeves hiked up, actor Jesse Eisenberg unrolls candy mints and makes polite conversation.

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uncharted561982d ago

Yeah... don't like the direction of Lex much but then again we have seen maybe less then a minute of him and that too in front of other people so maybe he really is putting on a disguise and we will get to see the Lex we want. Either that I or I hope he is just playing Luthor's son and the real Lex shows up by the end.

-Foxtrot1982d ago

Even the bits in the trailers where he's revealing his true colours he sounds and acts the same.

It's honestly like Jim Carreys version of the Riddler.

Apparently he was offered another role before Lex and my money was on Jimmy Olsen. He should have gotten that instead

uncharted561982d ago

True may be he should had done that but considering I and other ppl have been wrong about Affleck so far I will give Eisenberg a chance and judge it after watching the movie.

DragoonsScaleLegends1982d ago

They should have just used him for the riddler...