Top 5 Walking Dead Characters That Held Up the Show Entirely

The Walking Dead characters are some of the most unique people you will ever watch. The Walking Dead is one of the biggest shows of all time. With that being said The Walking Dead won’t be a show at all without amazing characters. These characters come and go but above all they are unique and so real seeming. One of the things that make the Walking Dead characters so amazing is their ability to adapt to one of the worse situations you could imagine yourself in.

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DirtyPete1384d ago

I personally think that michonne is really important. Her strength is incredible but her humor and sensitivity also makes her one of the best.

RetrospectRealm1384d ago

Pretty sure everybody thinks that.

thorstein1383d ago

Maggy...because Maggy. Think how women love Darryl, that's how I see Maggy.