Bruce Wayne Is Going To Find Out Who Killed His Parents On Gotham

CB: Jim Gordon, in the mid-season finale scene that mirrored the pilot, took Theo Galavan down to the docks. He didn't fake this death, though, like he did with Penguin. Instead, he outright murdered the criminal mastermind.

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-Foxtrot1136d ago

Isn't the whole point of Bruce Wayne as a character is because his parents unsolved deaths is what motivated him to clean up Gotham and become Batman. Give him closure and you take away yet away key element of Batmans character.

These writers seriously have no respect for the source material. What was the point of doing something Batman related...probably know if they didn't it would be a generic cop drama and would have been cancelled by now

Zefros1135d ago

No batman found out who his killer was. In the comics it's Joe chill.

thorstein1135d ago

This season has been excellent and I love how Bruce is growing as a character. We are starting to see how he will become the bat.

I also love how Gordon's character is progressing. Very dark, very good. One of the best shows on TV. Not afraid to pull punches either.